WAMFT Committees

There is always a place for all of our members to become actively involved in board business. We have many working committees, all of which need the expertise and passion of the individuals that make up our membership. It is never too late to get directly involved. If you are interested in being active in the work of the WAMFT board, please consider lending your talents and time to committees mentioned below. Email wamft@mailbag.com if you are interested in getting involved with a specific committee or contact the committee chair directly.

The Communications Committee: The purpose of the Communications Committee is to protect the integrity of WAMFT by ensuring that the mission, vision, and work of the organization are presented clearly and consistently across all mediums of communication.  With board approval, the committee will provide current and meaningful information to practitioners and the public through all mediums of communication including WAMFT website, newsletter, social media sites and email.

Committee Co-Chairs: Elizabeth Ellison & Melissa Bleiler

Current Committee Members: Stephani Storkson, Diana Ziegler, and Tammy Conrad

The Diversity & Social Justice Committee: The WAMFT Diversity & Social Justice Committee assists WAMFT & its' membership in becoming more culturally sensitive and aware of local, state and global situations affecting our members and consumers. 

Co- Chairs: Judie Warren & Christopher Wirth

Current Committee Members: Stephani Storkson, Katerrri Dippen-Castillo, 

Kelly Kinderman, Libby Lee, Judi Culver, Joseph Dhara

The Legislative Committee: Works to stay current on legislation affecting the future of the association and its membership. Communicates with the WAMFT lobbyist, the AAMFT Governmental Affairs representative, the AAMFT Family TEAM and the WAMFT membership about issues affecting the practice and profession of marriage and family therapy.

Committee Chair: Christopher Wirth

Current Committee Members: Melissa Blelier, Judie Warren, Elizabeth Ellison, Amie Leonoff, Tammy Conrad, Sheri Austin, Elissa Stults, Joy Wagner and public member, Gary Yeast

The Membership and Marketing Committee: The purpose of the Membership & Marketing Committee is to market the profession and practice of marriage and family therapy, to support current membership and to increase the membership throughout the state. Works with the AAMFT membership and marketing staff to retain current members, increase current membership and to offer relevant membership benefits to all membership categories.

Committee Chair: - VACANT -

Current Committee Members: Stephanie Storkson, Tammy Conrad

The Ethics and Continuing Education Committee: Is responsible for educating the membership and the public on the AAMFT Code of Ethical Principles relating to the practice and profession of marriage and family therapy and updating the information about Continuing Educational requirements.

Committee Chair: VACANT

Current Committee Member: Tammy Conrad

The Conference Committee: Works tirelessly to put on the WAMFT annual spring conference, the WAMFT fall ethics conference and additional conferences as requested.

Co-Chairs: William Hutter & Jessica Schulz

Current Committee Members: Samuel Taubenheim, Nancy Robinson,  Kelly R. Kinderman, Sara Kind-Michels, Joy Wagner, Raven Eggson, Amanda Anderson

The Finance Committee: Shall assist the Treasurer in preparing the annual budget for approval by the Board and the membership, and shall be responsible for making recommendations to the Board and membership in matters pertaining to the finances of the Division.

Committee Chair: VACANT

Current Committee Members: Christopher Wirth and Judie Warren

The Elections Committee: Shall prepare a slate of nominees for Officer, Board of Director and Elections Committee positions as provided by the WAMFT bylaws.

Elected Committee Chair: Justin Woodward

Elected Committee Members: Laura Contreras & Amanda Krupp